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7 Great Tips On How To Make Your Own Luxury Living Room

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It’s always a dream of everyone to have a modern luxury living room that would be the talk of the town and be the envy of your neighbors. When your living room is very big and you have money to burn, you tend to splurge on everything that you see just to fill up that empty space.

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But there are some rules that you must remember or else your room will just end up like an furniture store.

  1. Give your living room a single theme. If you choose the color gray, all of the furniture should be colored gray as well.
  2. Allow a decent amount of light in the room. Sun in the morning and ambient lighting at night.
  3. When going minimalist style, place your furniture at the center so it to give your room a maximum artistic effect.
  4. Choose a single styled furniture. if you choose to have a velvet style furniture, all of the sofas and even the coffee table should be lined with velvet all the way.
  5. Decorate your living room with pictures or expensive paintings according to the theme and style of your living room.
  6. Add some house plants to enhance the ambiance of the living room.
  7. Have the latest gadgets like cleaning robots and virtual assistants to impress your guests.


It’s easy to buy all of the things that you want when you have the money. It’s hard to rearrange them all in one room specially when you have a big one.

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You don’t need to be a professional designer or even the art of Feng Shui to have the perfect modern luxury living room. All it takes is just a little effort to know the practicality of each and every object so they could be readily available to you.
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