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Designing your Living Room Retro Style

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When designing your living room or lounge area, you should give it a lively edge. In the sense, it must give a comfortable ambiance and most of all a congenial environment to unwind. Most of the living rooms these days are regarded as a place for the family to meet. With open kitchens, the best creations include living room design retro style.

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The basic arrangement in a central room must be comfortable seating along with the décor that is pleasing and soothing to the eyes. It is certainly a play of colors that are brought in by wall paintings, photos, television sets and most importantly a sofa set.

Space allocation

The best idea for a retro living room design is positioning the television set in the most appropriate place that is not a very movable. Hence, it is best to allocate other furniture if your television unit is strategically placed.

Furniture choice

When you choose furniture, you can look for modern ones. It is true that vintage is in but you can always make your choice in the retro concepts that are very practical. Even while you choose artifacts for your room, it is advisable to get a single or few pieces in the best makes.

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Several antique pieces may not justify the décor of your room. Rugs and carpets totally depend on the weather conditions. Good quality floors in marble or wood are the best for all living rooms. It is great if you can strike a deal for the upholstery when you shop for your bedroom furnishing.

A good set in sofa or wicker chairs can do so much to your living room design retro style. If the room extends to a patio, it is great to get a bit expressive with your retro concepts. They can include hanging lanterns, a small wicker stool, and the many essentials you need for a patio. This is one way to create a warm feeling in your room and patio.living room design retro photo - 2living room design retro photo - 3
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